laptop or xbox 360?

for christmas i cnt decide between a xbox 360 or a laptop. can u help me ?


  1. bjparker0385 says:

    I’d get the laptop, even though i hate PC games, it’s great for browsing the internet, built in wifi.

    definitely go laptop.

  2. Not every Laptop can play good games. It will have to be a high spec laptop to be able to handle gaming. And they are very expensive. Who ever is getting the presents for you might not have the kind of money for a laptop like I mentioned.
    If you have a PC already and you like playing console games then get a 360. It’s way better than the Ps3 and you won’t have to worry whether it can handle games or not.

  3. melkasho says:

    I had presented myself with the same question, new computer or xbox360! I mention to a friend that I was going to get a new computer over the 360 and he asked why. I told him I could do all my gaming on the computer and so much more; however I ask you this. Do you have a computer already and just want a laptop because you think it’ll be cool to have a wireless computer, are you a gamer that will like on line gaming! I chose to go with the 360 and never looked back! I was going to by a laptop and my friend suggested I get the 360 instead and honestly I love the hell out of my 360! Honestly the experience is by far the best I’ve had when it comes to gaming! Do not get a PS3, I own one and honestly Its an awesome blue-ray player and that’s it! Xbox360 has the best everything! If your a gamer and already have a computer then go with the 360, if you have no computer then I’d say go with a computer since not having one in the house is a preposterous and not having a sink in the house you need it! I don’t mean to sound like a gaming nerd, I’m a father of three and I only play at night for a while when there asleep, but it’s how I spell relief, if you catch my drift!

  4. evangldbrg says:

    The Xbox 360 is great, but a laptop would be a better investment in the long run. Assuming you are in high school or college, this will help you write papers, look up factual information via internet, and a bucketload of other things that a 360 cannot do.
    A 360 is limited to having friends who also only have Xbox Live download movies, games, and TV shows and play with people online.
    However, with a laptop, you can buy PC games with other people online, and then you can use AIM or E-mail to send to virtually anyone. Not to mention, the Laptop is more portable. If you want to take it to go and play games, you already have a screen/tv to play it on, where a 360, you would have to stay connected to a TV or monitor, that has to be plugged in to work, and a laptop does not have to be plugged in for quite some time before the battery runs out.
    Sure the 360 is great, but a laptop would be a more practical investment.

  5. Do you really need a laptop? Do you already have a computer at home. If you do then you might as well get the 360. If not definately go laptop

  6. a laptop is about 100X more versitle than an x box, you can’t write a friend on one of those and a laptop can do everything a 360 can do (except maybe hook up to a tv) not to mention they can travel. However, if the person using this is into games you should know you will need to spend around $1500 to get a laptop equal to an xbox 360 for game use which is around $300 i think.

  7. superdork says:

    Go laptop. The laptop can do so much more than what a 360 can do. You can use it to play games, access the internet, do applications, etc. The 360 just lets you play games, listen to music, play chat with other people.

  8. heyjesus90 says:

    The x box 360 is way cooler than some stupid old laptop.

  9. depends on the laptop your getting. If your getting a cheap old laptop then get the xbox 360 but if you get a highend Laptop i would get the laptop than the 360

    you decide?!?

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