Laptop—- or——-notebook what is the difference??

can anyone tell me the difference between a Laptop and a notebook


  1. Gordon B says:

    Think a laptop used to be larger than a notebok. These days they just mean the same thing.

  2. Tribute says:

    The difference is not much, but very important.
    Laptops are the ones that can be used on your laptop with only a little heat warming your lap.
    Notebooks are the ones that will give you third degree burns when you put it on your lap.
    Not that the Apple iBook is called a notebook & nowhere do they say laptop. This is due to heat problems.

  3. piknik86 says:


  4. B.I.G.P.O.P.P.A says:

    Its the same thing

  5. i dont think there is, i think it is like when people say pc insted of computer

  6. thunder_chunky says:


  7. usa_fox1234 says:

    Notebook is the real name for a laptop.

  8. delicateharmony says:

    The difference used to be size related, sub-notebook being the smallest, then notebook, then laptop.

    However, over time the two terms have become interchangeable, and with so many different sized systems now available (ranging from a couple of pounds to a hefty ten plus pounds) the terms have also become almost irrelevant.


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