laptop or lip piercing?

My dads said if i don’t have my lip pierced he’ll get me a laptop, and im pretty sure i wont be allowed it any other time if i have the laptop…
What do you think? :)


  1. surely laptop

  2. laptop.

    no pain, no risk of infection, and you’ll have more of the laptop.

  3. get the laptop
    it sounds like your underage for a lip piercing anyhoo
    wait till you are legal then get it done if you still want it
    a lip piercing only cost around 25 pounds and wont take long to save up for
    where as a laptop will cost alot more than that

  4. LAPTOP !!

  5. Get the laptop.
    leave it for a little while, then save your money and beg your dad saying you have been saving so hard for it!!
    and tell him some good facts about lol if there are any
    like the lip heals easy so if u ever change you mind you wont be left with a hole in you face. Thats always my mum excuse!!

    But also every one has there lip done it is heading out of fashion

    but defently go the laptop!!!
    so worth it lol think of the privacy!!


  6. IcyMoonAdopts says:

    think to yourself what would be more fun?
    well I’d have to say laptop because it’d be YOUR computer anytime you need it :D fun, fun.
    and lip piercings only cause pain and infections anyway. I’d rather go with the laptop. I picked a laptop and it’s awesome!

  7. Both can be painful.
    Both can get infected.

    But only one is worth it!

    Get the Laptop :D

  8. laptop babyyyyyy

  9. get the laptop…n do the piercing after dat

  10. laptop

  11. lydia16235 says:

    Get the laptop. It’s human sense.

    Get your septum pierced instead and say "you said a laptop if no lip piercings, you didnt say anything about anywhere else"


  12. Laptop definitely!!!!

  13. Mary Juanna says:

    Definately get the laptop.
    Lip piercings will be the cool thing to do now, but they will go out of fashion..
    Just think, when all your friends have lip piercings after they are over, you can get on your new laptop and brag about how you dont have a useless hole in your face.

  14. Get the laptop, then go on google and look at a lot of pictures of people with lip piercings. You’ll soon realise that you made the right choice.

  15. psychokreame says:


  16. brandnewpunky says:

    get the laptop. then when you move out of their house or go to college or whatever (i’m not sure of your situation), then get the lip piercing. mainly because lip piercing = $50 laptop = at least $600

  17. Betty.x. says:

    dont put a hole in your face!!

  18. go with the laptop unless your a goth.

  19. Why am I here?!? says:

    I would go for the laptop.

  20. Necrid_R says:

    get the laptop, one month later make pircing, or sell the laptop and make 10 pircings ^^

  21. GibsonEssGee says:


  22. supersonic says:

    Get the laptop!! there is no contest!

    Lip peircings are out of fashion anyways

  23. GET the laptop, after you get it. THEN get the piercing. logic lol

  24. neeeeeEeEeEe says:

    of course laptop!!!.. whats the value of lip piercing compared to a laptop .. choose the one that u need most…not the one that u only like most…it will be just a waste of money.. so i prefer laptop

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