laptop or computer?

are you using a laptop or computer?

im using a laptop


  1. BLUSKEYES says:

    BOTH : )

  2. laptop

  3. Laptop, because its portable… Imagine carrying about your desktop pc… that would be the only hiking trip that wasn’t necessary.

  4. Desktop computer

  5. Candi Apples says:


  6. desktop. i need a big screen.

  7. jennyforrich says:


  8. I am answering from a laptop, but I have a desktop at work.

  9. W *Jessica* P says:

    desktop computer

  10. Butterfly_Kisses says:

    i am using a laptop.

  11. Kevin W says:


  12. ishallbefree says:

    im using the computer that i bought for going to college and i wish it was a laptop so i could use it in classes since they have free wireless internet anyway and plus this dumb thing likes to freeze up
    damn windows vista

  13. Maxeem A says:


  14. California Boy says:


    Use my desktop for gaming, laptop for surfing the internet.

  15. some guy... says:

    laptop. they are better and obviously more portable. Go Rockies! kILL the sox!

  16. darksongbirdreturns says:


    Wanting a laptop.

  17. computer

  18. winter_morning says:


  19. Computer.

  20. wass_garrett says:


  21. ♥onlyme♥ says:

    I’m using a desktop computer…lol..

  22. Computer right now but I have a notebook/laptop also.

  23. Tiki Maskman says:

    A laptop is a computer, DUH!
    I’m using my desktop computer right now, but sometimes I use my laptop COMPUTER.

    I’m just being sarcastic, BTW.

  24. I’m using the computer in my school right now. But I think I prefer using a laptop cos I can access it anywhere I go… :) More convenient…

  25. I am using a computer.

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