Laptop or Computer which one??

ok i just got tons of money and i want to buy a laptop! I already have a computer but if i did get the laptop what would i end up doing with the computer??? I REALLY want a laptop


  1. if you get wireless internet you should get a lap top because you can go on the internet any ware but if you get a compute you wont be able to move it around personally i would get a laptop.

  2. You mean laptop or desktop :p a laptop is a type of computer, thus the name Laptop Computer.

    If you get the laptop, you can still use the desktop computer for anything the laptop may be unable to do, or just whenever you’re tired of craning your neck to look at a little screen. Laptops can also be a little tiring to type on sometimes, and it’s refreshing to go back to a full-size keyboard.

    Keep in mind that laptops also tend to run more expensive for the same hardware, and are more easily damaged or stolen.

  3. sally_howse says:

    You can always sell your computer on Ebay or Amazon if it’s good quality. There is no reason why you shouldn’t just hang on to the computer as a back up hard drive in case something happens to the new laptop and they can also be useful for storing files on if you run out of memory on the laptop too
    If you’ve got my money I strongly reccomend an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro there really good and delivery takes less than 24 hours, there are also good Dell Studio laptops that can play Blu-Ray DVD’s

  4. You should get the laptop because you’ll have more personally space.! You can move around with it. Its portable.! Its not that much wires just one or two cords…Keep the computer tho.!

  5. is your desktop too old? if so, then feel free to buy your dream laptop. if not, i suggest you wait for your desktop to get old and irreplaceable before getting a lappy.

    a benefit of a desktop is you can always upgrade it to the newest models (motherboard, processor, RAM, optical drives, etc.) while with a laptop, you do look cool and it’s portable. Though the upgradables are limited.

  6. buy the laptop and you can take it everywere and it’s nice to have sometimes because in your house you can put in on your lap

  7. Sounds like you have already made your decision!

  8. AussieGal777 says:

    just get the laptop and worry about the computer later

  9. Jasmine♥ says:

    We have a computer downstairs & I got my laptop last xmas.
    Which was cool because I get so much more time & it is more personal seeing as I don’t have to share it.

    Consider it!

  10. ANTI JB+MILEY...=p says:

    depends on wht ull use it for most

  11. …Aamm…

    …Laptops and Desktop Computers have lot of Differences…

    …But they have one use…

    …When it comes to POWER and MONEY…
    …Desktop Computer is your best bet…
    …The equivalent Desktop Price to Laptop Price is very BIG…
    …Desktop is way more powerful than laptops…
    …and its all stuffs are all upgradeable…

    …Laptop is more in PORTABILITY…
    …Laptop is most widely used by Businessmen. travelers, etc.

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