laptop notebook?

whats the difference between a laptop and a notebook.


  1. EQUALIZER says:

    americans say notebook, we say laptop. just as we say mobile phone and they say cell phone. no difference

  2. a lot… apple call their laptop’s "notebook" they cant call it a laptop since their product produces much heat, it will fry your laps and balls out… laptop’s are made from other competing company like DELL or IBM etc.. aside from the brand name.. the OS systems are different.. by default Laptops uses Windows Operating System or others, while Apple’s notebook uses only Mac OS’s

  3. ashadk t says:

    laptop has higher feture & configuration as compare with notebook.

  4. A notebook (in the UK) is the lighter more basic of laptop computers, the sort that a person might use when on the road or travelling on business or you might buy for someone who is studying at school or University as a way of accessing the Internet and typing up essays and assignments etc. A laptop is essentially a much more expensive machine as it has the speed, features and memory space of a desktop PC but in a portable form, a machine that although compact and portable has the gaming, graphics, and CPU capability of a decent PC.

  5. tonymacaroni1984 says:

    nothing just a different adversment

  6. sean_turner_uk says:

    Notebooks are small and laptops are anysize. Although my 15.5" Toahiba laptop is called a Notebook!

  7. no difference…at first they were called laptops, but then companies became aware that if people (men) had their computers on their lap all the time, the heat can lower sperm count, so in order to avoid any writs, they now refer to them as notebooks, so theyre not advertising that theyre specifially made to use while having them on your lap….although a lot of people still do this

  8. jas (need help) says:

    there is no diffrence all it is that companies in the usa normally call it notebook and just a better word for higher professions

  9. mals2008 says:

    thats what i want to know

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