Laptop laptop laptop?

hi my laptop wouldnt work so i switched it off (pulled the cover down shut) an hour ago and an hour later (now) i went to switch it on but it just saud "shutting down" and i am waiting and waiting and it just says that. any1 no any ideas or tips or THE REASON?



  1. You can most definitely force the laptop to shut down by pressing the power button more than 4 seconds. Then you can turn it back on normally. But for the reason I don’t know. Some minor file issues.. Windows is unable to write some log file before it shuts the computer, so it just hangs. waiting for the operation to complete.

  2. maybe the mother boar is bust

  3. Hold down the power button for 20s, this will force a power off. Then reboot – It may start back up in safe mode or complain about being shutdown incorrectly the next time, choose safe mode then shut down in the usual way and you should be fine booting normally after that

  4. punjabi tiger says:

    switch off your laptop completely or refresh your laptop if it still don’t work try to use the recovery floppy or disk and reboot your laptop

  5. Probably Right says:

    If you have your settings set to go to sleep when you close your laptop that could be an issue. You have to give your laptop time to completely shut down when you close it otherwise it will still go into sleep mode and freeze when you close it. Just hold down the power button and shut it off that way then turn it back on.

    I suggest going into your power settings and change your settings to not sleep or shut down when you close the laptop shut.

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