Laptop information?

Is a laptop a good buy, somebody mention to me that you are better buying a desktop. As the batterie in the laptop will not last that long . Is this true, also can a laptop run on the mains as well. I have never had a laptop so this is all new to me.
Also which is best to have more that 8ghz processor or dual core?
A misunderstanding, when I mention about a battery. Would this batterie last for at least 5 yrs, because I heard that rechargable batteries have a short life due to the batterie being charge hundreds of times?


  1. george_graham_crayford says:

    ok, what do you want to use it for
    if its going to sit on a desk at home, buy a desktop, theyre cheaper and better
    all a laptop brings you then is space saving
    you cannot guarentee 5 years on a battery
    the laptop is charged by mains and runs on mains, on my work laptop i have the battery unplugged in a bag and run off mains

    oo and there no such beast as an 8gig processor

  2. Go for the laptop. there is no problem with the batteries. Batteies give upto 4 hr. of backups. And go for the laptop specially HP or CAMPAQ


  3. terwannggggg says:

    Laptops are only good buys if you need them!

    Bad things about laptops…

    Very little you can upgrade "easily", i.e. memory and HD only.
    Repairs are VERY expensive – remember it’s all on one board that’s designed to fit the case, if the motherboard has a serious problem it’s time to buy a new laptop.
    Optical drives (DVD/CD) are much more expensive than their desktop equivalent so buy what you need at the start.

    Desktops by comparison…
    You can upgrade anything easily and cheaply.
    Repairs are easily done yourself – even a new motherboard would start from £20.

    BUT… if you need to work away from home or out and about, a laptop is a must…

    You need to consider where/how you will use your computer. If only at home and in one place then get a desktop then there is no point in getting a laptop as the price/performance does not compare. If you need the ability to move about then you have no choice… Personally I have both for the best of both worlds… desktop for pure power and decent keyboard! Laptop for general work when out and about…

    It’s like the old HIFI question – seperates Vs "centre"…

    Ultimately you pays y’money and makes your choice…
    Those on a tight budget really should go for a desktop though…

  4. Here are some suggestions:
    1) What is your primary use for a PC ?
    2) must it be portable or used in one locale.
    3) What do you intend to spend for a PC or Laptop?
    4) Do you want to use Windows , Apple, of Open Source/Linux?
    5) research the web and read any reviews

  5. Generally notebook battery can last 3-5 hours.if you need high performance in games, movies I think desktop is better.

  6. Depends what you will do with your computer.
    Laptop for travel, desktop for a home computer.
    Desktops tend to be cheaper.
    Typical laptop batteries last 2-4 hours depending on the computer’s speed.

    A 8Ghz processor is extreamly fast and not need for anything except bragging rights. At most you will need is 2.5-2.8 Ghz for gaming. If your not a gamer then 1.6-1.8Ghz is just fine.

  7. angel-eyes says:

    Hiya, laptops are great and just the same as desktops if you watch what specifications you are going for. Battery life is different for each mine lasts 2 hrs but then I just plug it in to recharge while I continue what I was doing! I would always recommend laptops as you can take them anywhere around the house/outside and not be stuck at a desk/table! I have found that Advent is a great laptop for the price, we have 2 in our house! My first laptop lasted me 5 years so yes they are a good buy! Hope this helps?


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