LAPTOP HELP PLEASE!!!! Acer or Dell?

Ok im looking for a laptop…

i have found two which i like
Acer Aspire 5735
Dell Inspiron 1525

please help with which ones best and its more reliable and not that breakable

thanks in advance
or is there one you can recommend for £300 to £400?


  1. Definitely the Acer.

  2. Dell inspiron 1525 is the laptop is the one i have and it is good but make sure to customize it for a good graphics card because mine is bad but it came for 950$ with 2gb ram.

  3. wieczorekjoseph says:

    Acer. Dell is known for having many internal problems and they have very poor Customer Service to help you! Acer all the way!!

  4. None of them two. Try a HP they are good all round.

  5. i like the acer, dell is actually more expensive and i dont think that its worth it

  6. KONSTANCE H says:

    ok all laptops and computers are about value over cost benefit, i had the very same issue of what could i buy for 300 quid, and it was a very tough thing to do, yes i did buy the ACER in fact i have two of them.

    my choice was made because of the fact a more expensive computer unit did not have any real benefits and the performance was not much better.

    its really horses for courses, it depends on what you are going to use the computer for and, what features your looking for.

    the real choice is what type of processor it has, what type of graphic and memory and if anything goes wrong, how will you get it to the shop?

    if you buy over the phone or internet and it goes bust what will you do?

    i did and to be fair i did consider lots of manufactures and there were lots. but my ratings of them was about the value for money and component value that each unit had.

    that is the cost-benefit, it means that an expensive machine might not be much better, and have no better features.

    my top ten were:

    and joint bottom was APPLE and ADVENT.

    please be aware advent computers is not a real brand it was a front for dixons – currys.

    What ever your choice, note what each machine has and what it can be used for.

    my second computer has a centrino chip (ACER) and 2 gb of memory, and a dedicated (not shared) video memory, if you choose to wait a bit longer and spend a bit more money that could be one way.

    but my first computer is used for college and university and its fine, (ACER).

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