laptop help laptop help laptop help!?

ok, so i wanna get a laptop, but it sounds like my parents arent positive…and i would like 1 for my b-day…and…i think this is the laptop i like:

anyway, its suppost to be really small for a laptop…and i need something to send (by email) convincing! plz help! my bdays on feb. 12th!
is it good for drawing? cuz i use the computer for drawing (not advanced)
and i use the internet alot, but i dont need the best quality. i just use it to go on gmail, yahoo answers, (obviously), yahoo, wajas, freewebs, and zelda…and definetly pictures. i have ALOT im going 2 put on there. if this laptop has something that isnt listed, then, i need the smallest laptop thats in white or blue or silver, or both or one of those three…that has those requirements. thanks!
whats Linux? sry, im just 13 and 99/100ths
are notebook laptops the smallest kind?


  1. This is a good laptop in my opinion, if you put windows on it. I know someone that has one and they’re really useful!

  2. its good if you need just for internet. also has linux on it. if you know how to use it then go ahead. if not you need to learn. Linux is very powerful OS.

  3. Ammunition843 says:

    What you are looking at is the Acer Aspire One netbook. It’s not a full-featured laptop: it’s just a basic one that’s really only good for basic internet surfing. It’s got a basic Atom processor in it- nothing special at all. It’s also got no CD drive. So if you do get this laptop, don’t come back in 3 weeks griping about how it doesn’t have a CD drive and you just HAVE to have one.

    If you want a fully-featured laptop, you’re going to want to look at something like an HP for a good price/performance ratio.

    Also, anyone that correlates the low price of an Acer Aspire One Netbook to crappiness is insane. Netbooks are just smaller, cheaper laptops. They’re not fully featured so they are going to cost less.

    If you are okay with the Aspire One being a basic laptop and not having a CD/DVD drive, then get it. The only other netbook that comes close to it is the HP Mini 1000 or Compaq 700, and those really aren’t anywhere as good as the Acer AO.

  4. It is small, but it’s also really cheap. This is often an indication of not-so-good quality. I’d look more for quality than anything else.

  5. This is a good computers, that is if you are only trying to send emails, other wise it is no good, in my opinion

  6. Had a look at the link and as a good argument point there SUB- Laptops/ Notebooks so you can argue that there for Note taking at school ect! ;-)
    The Humble Acer Aspire one a Fairly Good Spec Mini Notebook / Sub-Laptop.
    The Price for the Acer Between $260.00 – $329.00 dosen’t seem too bad, for its spec. For general internet use/ MSN chat/ Homework it would seem ideal. Light enough to carry round in your bag/ pack for that important note taking. One thing to know about the acer is that they run Linux and NOT Windows.This OS takes some getting used to but is easy to learn and like a MAC you don’t have to worry about too many viruses!!

    Another good Choice would be the MSI Wind. Its another Good Spec Mini Notebook / Sub-Laptop that is similar in size,Spec and function to the Acer, apart from it comes with Windows and theirs a whole fan base dedicated to it for help and support.
    Both have Intel Atom Processors that use HT Technology it’s just easier to say their ‘Dual Core’ and neither have CD Drives as there Sub-Laptop
    Out of the 2 I’d go for the MSI Wind If you’re looking to use this machine daily you may find it a little larger but as a basic everyday machine it’s simply fantastic.
    Avoid ASUS Eee PC’s they are not much more than a novelty and at the end of the day a waste of money as their pretty useless.

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