Laptop HDD (Acer) warranty question?


My HDD recently failed. My windows crashed all of a sudden a few times and then the computer said there is no media/bootable device. I put a OS on a USB and it ran, so it’s definitely the hard drive.

The HDD is beeping (I read that the platters are probably stuck). So technically, isn’t this a sign of physical damage, rather than normal HDD failure? So if I send it for repairs (It’s still under warranty) would they fix it or would they classify it as damage down by me and not repair it? Because if they don’t they’ll charge me for the postage, which will be about 50 pounds total (Ouch, as much as a new HDD)
But if it is covered by the warranty, then they won’t charge me anything for the postage.

Should I send it? As far as I know, I haven’t caused any damage to it, but who knows? Maybe moving it around got it scratched up or something. Once, I also heard some nasty grinding noises.

It’s an Acer (They’re kind of crap to be honest, that’s mostly why I’m asking)

Any advice will be appreciated.

Best Regards
To Fred: I am aware of that. I tend to be very careful with it, but still. It’s called a laptop for a reason. Sometimes when I’m in my bed and my laptop on my legs and I want to go to the bathroom, I have to move it. Also, I was unaware of the time it takes the HDD to stop spinning after the laptop has powered down, so I might have moved it while it was still spinning, but I don’t think it’s anything major.

To Alan917: Could you, please, tell me how you know that? My laptop looks good on the outside. It’s clean, no scratches and no liquids have ever come close to it. The problem is it has a tiny scratch on the HDD. It’s from when I removed it, in order to put another HDD in there. Do you think that will be a problem? Should I call them again and explain that I used a different HDD for a bit?
They also said it usually takes 5-7 work days if they have the parts. If not, it may take up to 20 work days maximum.
A HDD replacement takes a minute, what other reason w
P.S A HDD replacement takes a minute, why would they take so long, if they won’t open the HDD?


  1. You should check your HDD well before calming warranty. You should reinstall your operation system. your problem may be solved

  2. Moving a laptop at all while it is running can damage the disk as it can cause the heads to hit the platters unless you are VERY gentle. It would depend on their opinion of the cause when they investigate.

  3. Acer will not take the HDD apart and therefore will not be able to be certain of the nature of the damage.

    What they will look at is the overall condition of the laptop. If it is battered, cracked, full of crumbs, Coca-Cola etc they will say that it has been ill-treated and not covered by warranty.

    Conversely if it is well within warranty, immaculate and received very well packed in original packing they will replace HDD.

    Additional Details
    When you changed the hard disk did you break any seal marked ‘void’ or ‘warranty void’? If you did then the laptop will no longer be covered by warranty.
    The general laptop repair facility does not have the resources, skill or the time to dismantle a hard drive. They will base their decision on the condition of the laptop.
    Make sure it is clean as possible and well packed, preferably in the original packaging, before you send it back.

    And not just Acer will take this view. All suppliers will react the same.

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