Laptop Hard Drive?

I have two laptops on one of them the screen has gone but i want to copy my photos etc off the hard drive onto a disk .Can i take the hard drive out of my working laptop and replace it with the hard drive from the broken laptop to get my pictures off, then put the original hard drives back when i finished. Will doing this bugger the computer.


  1. martin m says:

    Yes you can do that but you will need to transfer them somewhere. You won’t be able to transfer them to your drive that you want them on as it won’t be in the machine that works as you will have taken that out to put the old drive in.

    What you really need is small external hard drive or a usb memory stick that you can put them on.

    If your old laptop is knackered you could buy an external hard case off ebay for about £12. Make sure you get one that is for 2.5" hard drive.

    You take your hard drive out your old lap top place it in the external case, its quite easy and then your old drive just plugs into your usb socket for you to view the files. You also got all the storage you want and you don’t have to take the laptop that works, to bits.

    Make sure you set the old drive that’s going in the external case to slave setting. You probably find a small pc shop to sell you a case and put your old drive in it for about £20

    Hope this helps

  2. darrelljon says:

    Laptop Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are generic. Most are IDE and very inter-compatible. Replacing your working laptops HDD with your broken laptops HDD will work. Operating systems on HDD such as Windows store information about the hardware of the PC they are contained in, but automatically detect different hardware to a degree.

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