Laptop Graphics Cards?

What is the equivalent laptop graphics card to the Nvidia Geforce 6600 or the ATI Radeon 9800, and where could I buy one?


  1. PhuKi is Absolutely right in that things get incredibly messy and overly expensive when buying a new laptop graphics chip. Search the web or try PhuKi’s source if you still want to find out.


  2. Don’t think you can replace them, there integrated with the motherboard…pc is different, the graphics card is more dedicated

  3. You cannot replace the graphic card in a laptop. These are, unfortunately, built into the motherboard of these units.

    The GeForce 6600 is an older series and I do not believe there was an equivalent to this card for notebooks. The current series is the 9800 series, and you can see a list of CPUs available here

    The nearest NVidia equivalent to the 6600 would be the GeForce GO 7 Series

    For ATI the equivalent of the 9800 would be the Mobility Radeon 9800. Again, this is an older unit and newer ones are available

    To reiterate, if you want an updated GPU for your notebook you will need to replace the entire notebook with a unit that contains the GPU you want.

  4. wyntre_2000 says:

    Most laptops do not have the ability to "swap" graphics cards – they are typically built in.

    Unless you know exactly what model motherboard you have inside and whether you have a removable graphics card, then you probably won’t be able to upgrade it.

    There are Expresscard graphics cards around now, but typically not worth the expense of upgrading them.

    Short article about it here:,1933.html

  5. Jerry J says:

    Not easy to do even if you can

  6. Laptop graphics cards are hard to find, and even harder to replace

    Laptop GPUs are soldered into the motherboard, so are the CPUs. Unless you have a laptop with a separate graphics unit or an MXM slot, you won’t be able to upgrade/replace it.

    Check out my source for a comparison of Notebook Graphics cards.

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