Laptop Gaming????? i5 Laptops?

What’s a good cheap i5 laptop that can handle gaming. E.G Skyrim and TF2? Any personal suggestions?


  1. Razer Blade, no exceptions.

    And if I wasn’t to get that I’d build my own Desktop PC which would run you back around £250-500

  2. IF you plan to game make sure it has a dedicated graphics card not just HD 3000 graphics.

  3. Why would you ask this question and not have a budget? How is anybody supposed to what you mean by "cheap"?

  4. ebox1349 says:

    laptops are not designed for gaming, those that are are not cheap.
    Most i5 based laptops are certainly capable of playing games from the processing side of things, most come with 3 or 4Gb of RAM as standard and that is OK. What you need to look out for is those that have a dedicated graphics card, not integrated. This adds to the cost so don’t expect to get much change out of £500 for a fairly decent laptop.

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