laptop charger question ??????

is it alright to use my laptop charger wile my laptop is on and yhe charger gets hot aswell


  1. yes, this is normal and the charger is designed to do it.
    Heat is a natural byproduct of voltage reduction, your charger is taking the local current (110v or 220v depending on where you are in the world) and reducing to something the laptop can use, typically this is 19v but there are devices that use as "low" as 15v or as "high" as 21.5v.
    Keep the charger off of heat reflective surfaces like many desks and tabletops that are laminated, this just pushes the heat back into the charger compounding the heat problem. Something as simple as prop one end up on a pencil to get some air flow around it will help, but generally it is not too much of an issue. Try to unplug the charger when the battery is full and you are not using the laptop, allowing it to cool will lengthing its life span, keeping it hot 24/7 will certainly shorten it.

  2. hockeyfreak says:

    Yes. Laptop chargers get hot all the time! Its normal… Though you should let the charger rest when you’re battery:D

    Don’t worry!

  3. steakyfask says:

    yes that’s perfectly people do it all the time. The charger gets hot because its a transformer and is not 100% efficient, it losses energy as heat energy rather than charging your laptop.

    Im think eddy currents have something to do with it, where some of the useful energy is converted in to unwanted heat energy hence the heating

  4. OSMR2Rabbits says:

    Yes it is OK. You may notice that the laptop does not charge as fast as if you weren’t using it at the same time as charging, but it is safe and won’t hurt anything.

  5. yes

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