Laptop charger or laptop?

I have a gateway laptop. This is the 3rd laptop charger I had to buy for it. The first one water spilled on it and the second my cat chewed threw it. This last one I have now I just bought maybe three weeks ago. Nothing has happened to it. It looks fine, but if I plug it in the laptop it won’t charge. I have no idea why it won’t work and its driving me insane.
Maybe its the laptop socket thing? Any ideas?


  1. raffithemaster says:

    Make sure your laptop charger fits in the Port good, and check your port on your laptop so the charger fits in, if it wont fit it, it could be the wrong port, if your laptop uses usb to use a charger, then make sure the charger is USB, if it, your in luck….

  2. computeranswers says:

    Ok, so the power cord works to run the laptop off of but the battery doesn’t
    charge? How old is your laptop… You probably need to replace the battery…. The can only hold charge for so long….. If your laptop is under warranty contact Gateway and have them send you a new one….

    Hope This Helps!

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