Laptop Charger Connection With Laptop?

I have a Dell Latitude 120L laptop and my charger is acting wierd, I dont use the laptop battery.
I connect to the wall outlet The AC Adapter shows a green light which is good.
Then I connect it to my laptop, and most of the time the laptop dont get power.
What I would have to do is twist the connector of the charger around untill it has power.

What is the problem, falty wires, AC connector to the laptop is damaged, Laptop AC Port is damaged?


  1. weebromat says:

    yes its probably the wires that have been bent or poorly handled, enough to damage them. the same thing has happened to me. im ordering a new one right now!

  2. I have had this problem with two different Techras…..Both time the cord to the laptop had a short. I went to Best Buy and purchased another cord (they are not cheap but come with several different plugs to fit all laptops) and it fixed the problem.

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