Laptop Buying from a website?

Anybody got ant experience of buying a Laptop on line. Any recommendations or advice.
I want to buy a laptop where is the best place to get one.


  1. Voltosonic says: 100%
    You can get some cracking laptops on there, at low prices.
    You can customise the hardware and software before you pay for it, and make all sorts of little changes like even the laptops colour. They always have offers on their items aswell, so your guaranteed to find something thats perfect. The delivery is within a week, and then for something like 2 years, they will CAR (Collect and Return)
    When my hard drive broke, them man came all the way down to my house, and fitted a new one for me, and then went back. So cool.
    They have like an MSN chat room type of thing on th website aswell, so you can talk to real technical engineers if your laptops bust. And if they can’t help you, they’ll arrange for it to be picked up fixed and returned. Its 5* quality mate.

  2. psymonj says:

    That depends largely on your budget and requirements.

    I’ve often purchased from refurb outfits as I think I get a better deal – as is sometimes the case.

    Are you looking for a desktop replacement (extremely powerful), something light and easy to carry, something cheap and cheerful or a bit of everything?

    Do you have a small budget or is the sky your limit. Is it for school/college?

    I’d be inclined to look around and eye-up the specs that are offered over the counter.

    I’d highly recommend a dual-core setup with at least a gig (1gb) of memory (ram). Ideally, you want at least 80gb of hard drive space to allow you fill up on music, photos etc.

    Places to start looking online are Dell, Ebuyer and Dabs. If you’re in the UK then places like Laptops Direct can be pretty good.

    Others might disagree but I find Acer to be a great-value brand.
    Have a think as to how you might use it before jumping in!

    Good luck!

  3. only purchase from places that you’ve heard of or places that have decent reviews online.

  4. wispindis_90 says:

    better get it from a shop tat u kno for better aftersales services

  5. buy from a local shop such as pc world, the prices are good if you select online you then go to the store, but get the online price, this way you get to see what it’s like before you pay, so you can checkout a few makes to get the right one for you, and if you have any problems it’s just a drive back to the store

  6. mark.levers says:

    If you’re buying a laptop then Dell is highly recommended for value for money – both my girlfriend and I bought ours from Dell over the last year or so and have never had a problem apart from relatively slow delivery (took over a week to arrive.)

    However if you have a pay monthly mobile phone that’s nearing the end of its contract then you should definitely check out some of the new mobile phones deals around, where you can get a free laptop on a normal £35 a month contract. Especially good are the ones from Carphone Warehouse sites like and E2save as they deliver next day.

  7. philipscown says:

    The Apple site works. The prices are not as high as you might think. if you are in education (student / teacher, etc.) then you qualify for educational discount (about 14%). There are also further discounted, fully warranted, official refurbs available (the link is on the bottom right hand corner).

    Support is good. It can be done on-line, by phone, postally, or through the stores. When I’ve had problems the store has been able to resolve them immediately (walk in with a broken machine, walk out with one that works).

    With any laptop I’d advise you to buy an extended warranty.

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