laptop as main pc?

Anyone use their laptop as their main pc? Im transfering all my pc files to my laptop as my lo having the pc.


  1. This is fine but remember laptops (or notebooks) are not intended for use as a pc as they are not as robust in their build. I use one every day for business use but the nature of my job forces me to, so I ensure a back up of all my documents is done every day.
    There are laptop-like machines on the market which are built for use as a "desktop replacement" machine, so this may be more substantial, however carry on using your laptop if you like, but just be aware that you may have to replace it more often.
    I use a Sony Vaio as a full time machine for business and it has been ok so far – Ive been using it for 2 years and 1 month now, so theres no reason why you shouldnt be able to cope with that.

  2. I use a laptop as my main PC. Although it was a temporary measure, it’s been my main PC for over 2 years. I have some concern about theft so important data is backed up off site. I plan to eventually build myself a new tower but that involves rearranging all my furniture and making a new workstation. The new PC will be always on as a server. So a laptop will probably be my main PC (and I now have two laptops) for some time to come.

  3. golebara says:

    Yes, I use laptops exclusively as my main PC for years. There is nothing good and bad about it. They are all computers in essence and most certainly have life span. Laptops were originally designed for portable use but most products designed today are suitable for both primary and secondary usage.

  4. I have a laptop and use it as my main pc for my business, as I am often onsite, and need to take it with me. I have had no problems at all using it for this purpose. I got myself a 17 inch screen, as it didn’t want to be squinting at a small screen the whole time, and becasue of this I also have more room for the keyboard, which is not much different from that of a pc, and as such is comfortable to use. I don’t know why people have desktops nowadays as modern laptops do the job very well, and are far more flexible. I have a toshiba satellite P-100

  5. Hi. i think that it is not very good that you have a laptop as a computer. espicially if you are going to be on it all day. i would suggest that you get a desktop

  6. adas7321 says:

    I use my laptop as a main pc. It is portable, takes up little space, and saves a lot of power, because you have less things to plug into the outlet. Laptops also have wireless networking. A desktop with it built in, would cost <$1000. Laptops are actually more convenient.

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