I have £400-£500 tops to spend on a laptop, I want the best laptop I can can. Used my mainly general use, no gaming, powerful enough to run Adobe PS and LR though. Even it is an older laptop. Say the old awesome Dell business laptops they use at work that you can’t seem to break like the good old Nokias.

Cheers in Advance


  1. Technician27 says:
  2. If the machine is not for gaming then you really want to concentrate on the CPU. Go for an i7 if you can as this will give you the HD4000 graphics chip, just as a bonus.
    Looks good but is 99 over your budget. It uses an i7 with intel HD4000 graphics as mentioned above. Perfect for what you need. Perhaps you can find it elsewhere cheaper.

  3. If you want to run those programs in particular, you will need a powerful and fast processor & graphic card. I would recommend buying a intel i5 for that price. Check it at PC world.

  4. Filenotfound says:

    Well the most important thing for your is screen real-estate.
    For photoshop you really want a 1920×1080 resolution screen, but thats out of your price range most likely >.>
    So next best thing is 1600×900. Which that will really only come on 17.3" laptop, meaning your search is limited to only 17.3" laptops.
    You can not use 1366×768 for photoshop….

    Other then that, it really doesnt matter for the rest of the laptop specs.

    The cor i3 is WELL more then enough for photoshop. And same with 4GB of ram.
    I do however, recommend IF you can, get a 7200rpm HDD (though almost all laptops come with 5400rpm by default. unless you are able to customize a laptop, or buy it separately)

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