labtop or laptop?

which one is right, I used to call it laptop, then I changed it to labtop, so which one is the right one , or are they both right?


  1. bernard says:



    When the computer was small enough to fit on the table way back, it was called labtop because the other computers did not fit in the lab, they were in offices.

  2. You can call it 3 ways.


  3. tkenzhi says:

    it’s LAPTOP.,

  4. wendy_da_goodlil_witch says:

    if you notice, this section is "laPtops & notebooks". it’s a laptop because it fits on top of your lap.

  5. Brimeister says:

    laptop. just remember that it can be placed on your LAP.

  6. Sugar Daddy says:

    Laptop is the common nomenclature for a notebook PC. Labtop is made-up.

  7. mi deng says:

    Laptop is the correct term.

  8. PHILL_EAGLE RS says:

    laptop hun =D. Laptop because the computer is virtually small enough to sit upon your lap. Labtop reminds me of a dog…"a labra doodle" =p

  9. Jay-Mal says:

    laptop.. lol aww ur cute

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