Kid’s Pink Laptops

The age at which kids start using computers seems to be getting younger as each year passes but for very young children – say those aged 6 and under – a fully fledged laptop is probably a bit too advanced and this is where these fun toy laptops come into play. Despite their looks these electronic junior laptops are actually quite advanced and make the ideal introduction to technology and prepare kids for the day when they start using a computer for real.

Barbie themed kid's pink laptop

The pink Barbie B-Book Learning Laptop from Oregon Scientific is the latest Barbie themed kid’s laptop and sure to be a hit with young girls. This laptop has 30 pre-programmed learning activities and features a full QWERTY keyboard, touch pad and LCD screen – just like a real laptop. Runs on 2 AA batteries and is suitable for kids aged 4 years and upwards.

Pink tablet style learning laptop

Tablet computers have really taken off this year and with this Barbie Fashion Tablet from amazon your youngster can be bang on trend and have the latest in learning technology too. The tablet comes complete with a pink carry case and stylus with 30 pre-loaded learning activities including writing and number games.

Kid's pink tablet style computer

The LeapPad is another tablet style computer for kids with a built-in camera, video recorder and a huge collection of educational games. And it’s made by Leapfrog who have a long tradition of producing rugged, child friendly electronic toys. Suitable for ages 4 – 9 years and available from Amazon

Barbie themed laptop

Another pink Barbie themed laptop from Oregon Scientific, the Barbie B-Smart Laptop has 70 learning activities installed as well as 10 Spanish programs to encourage older children to learn about foreign languauges. This laptop also has an MP3 connection so she can play all her latest tunes -as well as a range of fun and educational games and activities. Suitbable for kids aged 5 years an upwards.

Pink pretend laptop for kids

The Leapfrog My Own Leaptop from amazon is a fun pretend laptop for children aged 2 and over. With a rugged construction and bright, clear buttons they’ll have hours of fun writing their own emails, playing music and learning all about the world of technology.

Child's learning laptop toy

The Vtech My Laptop Pink from amazon is a fun learning toy laptop with a range of fun and educational activities already loaded in. Aimed at kids aged 3 and over this laptop has a working mouse and comes with a seperate workbook for more learning opportunities.

funky pink laptop with 80 learning activities

For slightly older kids the VTech Xtra Pink Notebook, also from amazon offers a more comprehensive range of leaning activities with 80 games included – a proper QWERTY keyboard and working mouse. This laptop looks much more like the real thing and the games have 3 difficulty levels which adjust automatically to your child’s ability as they progress.

ASUS EeePC Pink Disney Netbook

The Disney Netpal from Asus was a popular buy last Christmas and we’re surprised Asus haven’t updated it. However, there are still a few available if you search hard enough. At the time of writing amazon appear to be out of stock but they sometimes come back on sale. Unlike most laptops aimed at kids this is a fully functioned Windows computer based upon the best selling Eee PC netbook.  Read more about the Asus Disney Netbook here…

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