Keyloggers in Dell???!!!?

A friend of mine recently bought a dell computer and being the inquisitive sort he opened it to find a keylogger installed. Dell were very evasive about it when he contacted them. Is this legal for them to log everyones activities? Big brother is getting bigger!!


  1. st33lgr1p says:

    Makes you wonder if all the other brands of computer’s out there have something similar added inside, you buy anti virus software to stop this sort of thing happening, and here is a good example of a company actually fitting keylogging software inside your computer, in that case never buy a DELL product no matter how tempting the offer might sound…. what ever next

  2. "to find a keylogger installed" – you give no details as to how this discovery was made so its difficult to know what you are actually talking about.
    But given Dell’s market size I find it hard to believe every desktop computer they sell is "phoning home" with keystrokes :P

  3. blind_wood_carver says:

    dosn’t sound right, maybe ask if some lawyer out there could make a case out of it, put u in the news, that’s some thing that would hurt sales for them & they may want to shut u up about it untill they can hide it better

  4. wiz_on_line says:

    Keylogger on that pc your friend is been spy on

  5. Thats bang out of order.

  6. Helping Since 1969 says:

    The "Dell Experience" is pre-installed on Dell PC’s and yes it is a keylogger in the simplest terms….it is supposed to be able to check what you do on your computer and make reccomendations for sites and products you may be interested in, part of the eula for Dell does explain this and tells you that if you do not wish to participate in the "Dell Experience" to uninstall it.

  7. It’s certainly not legal, and is invasion of privacy. Never liked Dell in all and anyways, they made their machines annoying to upgrade….

    Keyloggers though? That’s a bit weird…

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