Japaese Maple – ACER Atropurpureum – ok to be left outside?


i purchased a small (7" – 8") Japaese Maple – ACER Atropurpureum, and have repotted it into a larger pot, looks a bit poorly at the moment so im hoping to make it thrive :) Wilkinsons dont look after their plants too well =p

my question is, is it ok to leave the plant outside all day every day on a patio? or would cold nights etc kill it. I live in the uk, near london. want to avoid having to put it out every day, and bring it in every night

any help appretiated




  1. lazybones says:

    Was the plant in the outdoor section of the garden centre when you bought it? If yes, then it will be fine. If was on display indoors, it would need a period of hardening-off, basically, acclimatising to life outside after being indoors. Leave it out during the day in the sunniest spot; bring it indoors or into the shed at night for 3 to 6 days.

  2. It is hardy – I have one in a half-barrel and it is now 5 feet tall.

    It survived the recent cold winter without any problems, so yours should be fine outside. However, yours is young, so it will take a while to establish. A bigger pot will help.


  3. KENNETH D says:

    It will thrive

  4. dendrobium says:

    ……….acers can vary in how hardy they are, I have several. Some need protection in the winter. When you have a young acer, a small one as you describe, it it better to plant it on into a couple of sizes bigger that the original pot and gradually as the plant grows, repeat this process. Sometime a small plant that is placed into a much bigger pot will not like it and can just wither and die, Your plant sounds like it was not that healthy from lack of care in Wilkinsons. You could be lucky and it might thrive. I am just going by the book really. I bought a collection of cheap acers in B&Q a couple of years ago, they were so cheap for what i got, i thought it was worth the risk. Larger acers are so expensive to buy. Mine have survived and are much bigger now obviously. Acers do not like too much sun and in a pot can dry out very quickly, Acers like shade and they also like acidic/or slightly acidic (Low PH)soil/ ericacious compost. But hey, a lot of people put them in ordinary multi-purpose compost and they are thriving !!!!!! I will wrap them in fleece in the winter, just to ensure and also place fleeces around the pot and on the soil area at the top of the pot, just to ensure their survival, once they have reached a reasonable size, it would cost a fortune to replace that size of plant. Some I have are quite large specimens and I would hate to lose them. I live in South London and although we do get quite mild winters here really, sometimes now, it can very cold, so I like to do the best for my acers, they deserve it, their beauty demands care !! :o ) Happy gardening !!

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