Would this laptop be good for high detail online gaming?

I can’t find a laptop with a better graphics card that has intel i5 processor! – no idea if it can be upgraded either?

If possible please suggest a laptop at a reasonable price (under 750$) that has a good graphics card!


  1. Santhosh says:

    The i5 processor is proven to be the best in comparison with the amd bulldozer 8 core top end processor. In laptops, graphics would be an issue as all of them have in built cards. But, with the processing power i5 provides, games should never be an issue provided you add an additional 4GB RAM and make it 8GB. You will good to run any high end games like FSX. Cheers!

  2. The problem is that most laptops today have integrated graphics, which is what the "Intel HD" means on that webpage. I do not typically trust integrated graphics because they usually don’t provide the best performance.

    If you are serious about gaming then my best advice would be to not buy a laptop, because if you are gaming on it then you will most likely need to have it plugged in at a desk, which is essentially what a desktop computer is. You can find a ton of desktop computers for around 750 that will run most games on at least moderate to high settings.

  3. Yuri Woodfall says:

    It will run most games half decently. You wont be able to max graphics out, but there wont be issues with playing games. It has no video card, all video processing will be done by the CPU. Which will slow things down when playing a game.

  4. Chris Mmmmacc says:

    This laptop would not be good for gaming, because the graphics card is an Intel GMA HD. About 90% of Intel graphics cards are junk.

    Try finding a laptop with a Nvidia or a ATI Raedon graphics card.

    Research information on the laptop and find out if you can install another graphics card.

    The processor probably can’t be upgraded because almost all processors are soldered onto the motherboard.

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