Is this laptop good for games ?

Im buying a laptop is this good for games like
Skyrim, minecraft, bully and max payne


  1. Certainly finding a laptop good at gaming in the UK at about a 400 pound price is a challenge given the duties and VAT placed on them.
    shows gaming by graphics processor if not bottlenecked by CPU, RAM or other factors.
    This gives a graphics score:
    and a cpu score on the second tab.
    This is quite an interesting cheap gamer:
    The CPU is a weak 4 core, and certainly does bottleneck to some extent, but the graphics is a good HD 7670M. There are reports of overheating when stressed to the max, but at least you have the chance at the price to stress it to what it is worth, so add a laptop cooler, and be prepared for shorter gaming sessions to allow it to cool back down, but there is nothing better out there at the price. You can’t get the gaming power at 400 pounds and not have flaws in it.
    The next bargain on the market is a step up in price. Everything in between just is too low on the GPU. Here is a Lenovo Z580:
    yes, it is £550, but now you get a respectable system:
    Intel Core i5 3210M – 2.5 GHz, RAM – 8 GB, Hard Drive – 1 TB, Operating System – Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) – Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only £14.99, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M
    With the 7670M of the Acer and its 801 G3D score coupled with a CPU passmark 2281
    the Lenovo has a G3D of 778 and is NVidia which tends to be a little more stable so let’s call the gaming a match in graphics power, but you step up the CPU to Passmark to 3942 which is right in line with budget gaming desktops pushing almost twice the power of the Acer and designed to handle what’s inside, instead of the Acer where the gpu card add was an afterthought on a low end model.
    I can tell you that the graphics power of these is better than any AMD co-packaged A series.
    Knowing that you are looking at 400 pounds and I show one that meets and one that is a real nice 550 pounds, I won’t bother noting anything more or less expensive because either you cannot afford it, or it won’t compare to these two. You can only consider other discrete graphics card systems now, because that is what it takes.
    There are very few:
    An in-between: at £438 you get an i3-2350M with the 7670M gpu
    That puts the CPU at 2923 so is fairly centered between the Acer and Lenovo and the price is OK.
    You can look around the UK stores for this model at a better price, but in your price, you now need either a GT 630M or HD 7670M and a CPU that is either very good, good, or weak also depending on your price point.
    Those are the best I have seen for gaming. Ignore anything with intel graphics and anything with the AMD co-packaged A series. The graphics chip must end in M.
    The second digit of Nvidia must be 3 or higher, and the second of AMD must be 6 or higher to even look at the laptop.
    I don’t think you’ll find better. If you hit a wall at 400 pounds, get the Acer and be happy with what you got. If you can squeeze out a little more money, at least the Toshiba won’t bottleneck you as bad. If you have 530 to spend, you can get a nice entry level gaming Lenovo with a deep HDD, plenty of RAM, a solid CPU and a decent gaming card, and can know you got an excellent deal. The Lenovo is properly balanced.

  2. To game you really need Intel Core i3 and at least Intel HD 4000 graphics

  3. It’s a laptop that uses Intel HD graphics (really bad combination for gaming) so it’s not even worth a try.

  4. I wouldn’t go near it for gaming to be honest, I found this difficult because I wanted a laptop which could run some recent games, didn’t have to be special but be nice to hold 30FPS on Medium settings. I decided to get the ACER Aspire 5560, it has:

    *AMD Quad core A6 Processor
    *6GB RAM
    *512MB Graphics Memory
    *500GB HDD

    You can get these computer in different specifications and with a higher Hard drive, RAM and an A8 Processor, but my laptop can run for example Left 4 Dead 2 on high settings and keep 30 FPS as long as I’m not running other programs. Most games run on medium settings well and able to use other things at the same time without a show of lag. This computer was cheaper than the one you linked as well. If you aren’t interested in what I have told you then at least take away the knowledge to get an AMD laptop if you hope to try gaming on it unless you get an i5 processor which will still be more expensive and may not run well in comparison graphically.

    AMD: Good for Graphic Laptops, not as good for multitasking in comparison to iCore Series.
    Intel: Good for multitasking, not so good for running graphics

  5. Chingizkhan says:

    No, it’s not. You must have a better video card, like Nvidia or ATI Radeon. Processor must be Intel core i3 2nd generation. You can buy HP or Toshiba if you want to play games on it. I am using HP g6. It has 2.5 GHZ i5, 4GB RAM, intel HD graphics + 1GB ATI Radeon + RAM sharing. With RAM sharing it raises up to 3 GB. Most games are playable at medium settings like Skyrim. But it is still not what I want.

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