is this a good laptop?


  1. ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►ʎllıq◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ says:

    No, if you want it for gaming the processors default idle speed isn’t quick enough.

    To run all the modern games today minimum requirements are likely to be systems with intel i5 > 2.5/6 GHZ boost up to 3.0+ GHZ (Or AMD equivalent), and a graphic card > Nvidia 9600M-GT or AMD Radeon HD 6470M and above.
    The 1 GIG or 2 GIG GT640M appears to be a decent mobile video card.
    Oh and 6 GIG 1333MHZ/1600MHZ DDR3 RAM, although you can add this your self.


    Third Gen Intel i7 for laptops has just come out: 2.9 Ghz boost to 3.6 Ghz so worth a look if you can get one.

    Intel® Core™ i7-3820QM Processor
    (8M Cache, 2.7GHz boost up to 3.70 GHz)

    Intel® Core™ i7-3720QM Processor
    (6M Cache, 2.6 GHz boost up to 3.60 GHz)

    Intel® Core™ i7-3520M Processor
    (4M Cache, 2.9 boost up to 3.60 GHz)

    AMD Dual-Core A6-4400M (3.2GHz/2.7GHz, 1MB L2 Cache )

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