Is this a good laptop?

I have seen this laptop and want to know if its good for gaming and will last for a while !


  1. It’s a good one. I think it could last. You should get a black one.

  2. Paritosh Tembhare says:

    mr.lewis dont waste money on a old lappy,u will suffer(coz i know someone in the same conditn),go for a New ASUS or another G6.try to find a good new release model of whatever u wanna buy,so a little research is very importnt.i suggest u to find a envy book,or other ultrabook,dont buy any SONY lappy

  3. It depends what kind of games you want to run. It has a low-range graphics card, so will not be able to run the most demanding games. The graphic card in this performs around the same as a integrated Intel HD chip, so it is not brilliant. Processor is a bit slow, but it has enough RAM and everything else looks fine.

    For everyday use it will be fine, but if you plan to do intensive gaming then you are going to need a better pc. If you want to play the newest titles, then I recommend a desktop gaming pc, because you do not get anywhere near as much power from a laptop.

  4. really very nice. because it’s processor or many parts are very nice.

  5. Rizwaan says:

    Lewis, this laptop is refurbished which means it is completely reworked, maybe it was damaged but all i know it is used but it is good fot its price.

  6. Andy L. says:

    No, it is a cheap laptop not good for gaming.
    AMD E2-1800 processor is slow.
    Radeon HD 7340 graphics is well below HD 3000 graphics
    It is similar to a cheap netbook, only bigger.
    HD 4000 graphics laptops start at £350
    The cheapest laptops break the easiest.

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