Is this a good laptop ?

Is this a good laptop ?
HP Pavilion DV6812NR ?

pleasee answer..Thanks.
on sale for 799 :)


  1. irishluckily says:

    It is a good basic laptop. It is a great value for a cheaper model laptop. It is not a high performance laptop though. Internet and word processing is basic work.

  2. Its an excellent laptop unless you have some very unusual needs like running high end games or solid modeling software.
    You have there a dual core 2.0 ghz cpu with 3 gb of ram and a 250 gb hard drive. It will be quite a while before you are wanting more. I love my external 20" monitor and external keyboard.

    Even though you probably have a 6 month teaser of Norton on there, as soon as its up, be very sure you google for the best anti-virus, anti-spyware programs and get the free version of zone alarm firewall. A hardware firewall also is highly recommended like a Linksys.

  3. jerky_ong says:

    that is one hell of a laptop. question is, for how much? you have nothing more to ask from this laptop and if money is not an issue for you, then by all means go and get one.

  4. edgareliud says:

    if its hp, it will last long.
    if its AMD will be a little slower, if it has Intel, it would be a little faster.
    if you just bought it you should get an antivirus too. but yea its a good computer.

  5. mahfuz01 says:


    its a great question… but before everything you need to define good. as for some ppl, good is just a computer (normal home user) for some ppl good is high speed, high performance computer (gamer, it professionals, graphics designers).

    as of hp, its definitely one of the leading brand in the computer industry. moreover every item comes with warranty. therefore, they should be good.

    hope this answer your concern.

  6. david o says:

    It’s very good

  7. Lindsay G says:

    Hp is a good brand, but it would help to know the price and the specs of the computer.

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