Is this a good gaming laptop?

ASUS N55SL-S2167V 15.6" Laptop


  1. You could get a better pc for that price, WAAAY better

  2. yes,but a laptop gets hotter by playing should buy a desktop for a real hardcore gaming.but if you want a laptop,you should buy a cooling pad.

  3. rhopkins13 says:

    Don’t think I’d call it a "good" gaming laptop, but it’s an alright one. A really good gaming laptop is going to cost a lot more than that one. This one will probably play a good share of games, but you’re not going to be able to play the latest and greatest on it. If I was looking for a "good" gaming laptop, I’d want at least an i7 processor, and a better video card. Check out the Sager laptops at if you want to see some "good" gaming laptops.

  4. Luke Johnston says:

    Yes but buy a desktop, they dont overheat as fast, not matter how good your laptop is it will overheat fast. Everything is good and the best brand name on the graphics card, But i dont know how much memory it has, Go for a graphics card with 2GB dedicated memory

  5. ManBearPig says:

    lol I have that laptop and yes its really good.

    It keeps really cool but blows some really hot air out from the side when gaming, the GPU hasn’t gone above 71c under full load.

    The hard drive is a bit slow to be honest but apart from that it’s very good for the price.

    In run wow on high/ultra on it.

    Just so you understand the laptop does NOT get hot only the air coming from the left side and it’s super quiet.

    It is actually slightly better than my Alienware M15x except my Alienware has an SSD.

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