is this a good gaming laptop?


  1. 7thapplepicker says:

    no ouchie price too given your strong currency. move on up to an i-7 quad (1.9 something boosted to 2.7)
    8gb ram and 1gb graphic would be nice

    in american dollars lenovo has thinkpads on that meet the above for $500-600 usd if you take your time. shipping wont add enough to fill that huge gap and im unsure on your import taxes and such-evade them if they are bad i guess.

  2. Karlo Ramsler says:


  3. Aaron U. says:

    No. The mobile GeForce GT 310M is weak as sh!t.

  4. Ruffies Derp says:

    Laptops ain’t really made for gaming besides Alienware

  5. Jordan Elderkin says:

    I would highly recommend taking a look a this Dell Alienware gaming laptop on Amazon not only does it have one of the most stylish exterior designs to be seen on a gaming laptop but also has the performance specifications to back it up

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