Is this a good gaming laptop?

Is this a good laptop for skyrim on medium/high with good FPS? Also, if could suggest a better one that’d be great, my budget is £475. Btw I know desktops are better but i need a laptop.


  1. I don’t really think your going to get much higher than low settings with that GPU but MAYBE some settings on medium (depends on the resolution too)

    If your willing to go more in the 500-600$ range this one will play skyrim pretty well

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    UPDATE: this is the closest I could get to your budget for gaming

    copy and paste the following address to your url bar:

    Just as an added note the second laptop that I posted should play skyrim on Medium-High settings smoothly

  2. I wouldn’t say good but somewhat acceptable.
    Why do people insist on getting gaming laptops?
    Use the money to build a pc and you’ll get a very good gaming pc.

    As pointed out by the previous poster, gaming laptops cost twice as much as your budget.
    Laptops are bloody shit, they are useless, things gets messed up and they will always have problems, sometimes it’s battery. or charger or overheating or some other shit. Don’t bother getting a laptop.

  3. Gaming laptops are over twice your budget but you can get a powerful cheap laptop that will run Skyrim, but probably not very well.

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