Is there a XP disk especially for a Sony Vaio?

I want to install XP over a Vista laptop I will be getting (Sony Vaio) but wondered if there was a XP disk made for Vaio’s because if I install the regular XP I would lose all the Sony features that are originally on there.


  1. Hahahaha, I wouldn’t your sony laptop comes with vista drivers for or your hardware. You would have to find the ISO for the drivers if there are even any, before you could even use your keyboard and monitor, let alone the OS it self. That of course being that your CD/DVD drive will work without the drivers.

  2. To Server says:

    Sony may have an XP disk that also contains the drivers and their personal software.

    However, you can get all of them from their website. Just reformat the hard drive, load WinXP from any retail disk. Then install all the drivers and utilities from Sony’s website. Then download and install all the WinXP updates (SP3).

  3. Sony will have made additions to XP when it was loaded on your laptop, it is not a special version by Microsoft. You usually get a chance to make a back up disc with all these additions on the computer. If you load a new XP disc, you can get he drivers, audio, video etc, but not any Sony progs.

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