Is the XPS the best laptop?

Is the Dell XPS the best laptop out?
Is the Dell XPS the best laptop out?

(Note: I’m not talking about Windows XP)


  1. Jeremy R says:

    No. I think that Acer laptops are better than the dell xps series laptops any day.

  2. i will support you, the xps is the premium range from dell

    i dream of owning the xps m1210
    < sigh ,,, just bought the xps m140 this april … >

    truelife display, i’ve only seen similar quality on a vaio !

    i’ve used 2 compaq’s & 1 ibm thinkpad, besides handling a few other notebooks, but i find this dell xps in a class of its own !

    lemme know if it’s the lil fella (m1210) .. would love configuring it 4 ya !

  3. george h says:

    hey the xps is the best computer 4 (DELL) only but remember that each company has a best computer the xps is a good as hell computer bt its the best 4(DELL) u shuld also look into other computer if u whant..i have a dell E1705 and its been good 2 me so i can tell u that dell do have good computer but the company lacks good comunication with its costermers but the computers a great….dam i shuld have goten the naw that normaly a gameing computer and i bot myn 4 school.hopes this helps

  4. csmonkey says:

    no, Dell does not make the best laptops. IBM Thinkpads (now actually made by Lenovo) are generally considered the best.


    not exactly. some other laptops have sli and some have built in webcams

  6. Adnan Sallam says:

    XP is not a lap top it is operating system.

  7. tank_lord18 says:

    Alienware have FANTASTIC laptops and computers, all customizable, and they are for any type of person, Gamer, Worker, Basic Home user, plus they are CHEAPER then the dell computer

    Dells most expensive XPS laptop = $3,453
    Alienwares most expensive laptop = From $1,879

    Which isnt much difference but Alienware is all about High Performance and High Quality Systems

    You can customize you alienware laptop to you likeing

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