is the ipad 4 out? really confused?

i cant seem to find if the ipad 4 is out.
i’ve gotten really confused.
is the ipad with retina display (the one on the apple store) the ipad 3 or 4?
or is the ipad 3 ‘the new ipad’ and the ipad 4 ‘ipad with retina display,or is the ipad 3 both of them,
i dont know what.
is this ipad 3 the one with the a6 chip with quad core graphics,or is that the ipad 4 , or is that both,
or is the ipad 4 not even out.


  1. ScσττRΛSC³ says:

    Yes the iPad 4 is out. The iPad 3 & 4 are both Retina Display models. The iPad 4 is the latest model & has the Apple A6X chip.

  2. The New iPad (3rd generation) has the A5X chip with quad core graphics.

    The New iPad (4th generation) has the A6X chip with quad core graphics.

    Other than that, they are identical. Make sure you check the specs before you buy one. I don’t believe the 4th generation is available for sale yet.

  3. Cyndy Arcia says:

    No it will be soon tho

  4. The iPad 3 has the A6, the new iPad has the A6X. You want the iPad with Retina Display…that’s how they’re differentiating between the rather minor hardware differences between the 3rd and 4th iPad models.

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