Is Sony's Vaio range worth buying?

I’m in the market for a new laptop, I’ve been recommended Vaio VGN-CR 33.

Any users out there, computer bods?

Pros and Cons etc..Cheers everyone!

I’ll also be checking out officiall reviews but you never know just who writes them, (hidden agendas and all).


  1. Soltate says:

    I bought one years ago and it was a piece of ***.
    It all started when the keyboard stopped working. I re-installed it from the distro DVD and XP wouldn’t recognise the hot keys anymore.
    Then after 6 months or so, the DVD stopped working for once and for all.

    Then I knew it: If you’re gonna buy a Laptop, buy it from those that have experience. Leave Sony to audio and TV equipment.
    Besides, when it comes to computers, what MATTERS the most is the inside.

  2. billywindsor says:

    I had a Vaio a few years back and I wasn’t very impressed. However my company has just got me a Vaio UX Micro PC and it’s awesome.

  3. Moustafa Dafer says:

    Sony VAIO are the best laptops ever, even better than hp and toshiba.
    Contact Me:

  4. I’ve heard great things about Sony, and I’ve heard bad things. From what I can see, it all depends on which machine you get and what you get in it, and what you do with it.

    I’ve owned 3 in the past, all but 1 was great. That one, I constantly had to restore – a total of 9 times in one year. But, that was back when Windows 2000 was the newest thing :P .

    As for price, I don’t believe Sony is good for it. For quality vs. Price: Sony would be great for it. They usually have a long warranty, and most seem to be pretty rugged/durable.

    Hope this helps.
    -ABC :)

  5. ryans_ccs says:

    IMHO, Sony Vaio is a the Mac’s of the PC world. They are a bit over priced, built well, and are not user maintenance friendly when replacing hardware. Most clients I have talked to that own Sony systems are very happy with them, however I would own one for just the reason I said above.

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