Is my laptop overheating?

My laptop is reaching 55-65 degrees when I am surfing the internet and watching videos on youtube, is this right for a laptop or is it getting to hot?


  1. It is starting to get hot but not quite that hot yet. Mine tends to reach 60-65 Celsius in regular use.

  2. Thambi Murugan says:

    Mine reaches to 85ºc once after at least 1-2 hour of usage similar to yours and it still works like a charm now. If it gets up to 55-65 degrees immediately after you boot up, then the fans probably clogged up with dust.

  3. Scribble says:

    Mine does that and i have evean put new thermal paste on it.

    its driving me mad, but if yours is around the same then this must be normal

  4. If you are talking about the temperature of the processor, 55-65°C is fairly normal. However, it could indicate that:
    * You are running processor-demanding software
    * The cooling airflow is partially clogged with dust
    * You are using the laptop in a location that has a thermally-insulative effect, causing heat to build up while you use the laptop, such as a bed, your lap or a pile of paper.
    * The processor is a cheap one that does not support the usual power-management features (generally in older laptops)

    However, all laptops vary, and some have better thermal design than others. In one laptop, the processor might normally run at 50-65°C, but in another, the same processor might run at 40-50°C. It also depends on the surrounding conditions where the laptop is being used.

    If, on the other hand, you are talking about the temperature measurable on the outside of the laptop, something might be wrong.

    Playing videos in Adobe Flash Player can sometimes be a processor-demanding task, depending on whether it is using hardware accelerated video or not.

    If the core temperature goes above 70°C regularly, you may have an overheating issue.

    If the cooling fan runs more often and for longer periods than it did when the laptop was new, there is probably a dust build-up in the airflow path, which is causing the laptop to run hotter. Nearly all laptops exhibit this problem after a couple of years of regular use. If the dust is removed, the laptop should run cooler in general. Laptops collect dust easily, but unfortunately tend to make it complicated to clean it out again.

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