Is it possible to build a laptop?

Is it possible to build a laptop?


  1. yes but its hard to find parts for a laptop than a computer

  2. CyberCommie says:

    Yes you can but you will lose money. Building one is more expensive than buying one of the same spec.
    A very expensive make of laptop called Alienware have bought out one that is modular and can be upgraded, but it costs over £1500.

  3. Yes it is man, but it’s cheaper to build a desktop. I’m building a modded system right now that’s inside a brief case with a 17" lcd monitor, this is some james bond shat dude….lol

  4. Yes, you can go to any vendor website and customize a notebook as you wish, on the other hand if you mean make your own notebook as you can do with a desktop is really hard and expensive because most of the notebooks components are specifically designed for each series of notebook, so you cant change the motherboard because the ports won’t be in the same place all you can do is change some hardwares like HDD, CD or DVD media, RAM memory and other stuff but as i said before it will be too expensive.

  5. anything is possible but u wont be saving yourself any money case and parts are expensive 6 months ago i calculate the pros and cons and i came up that it takes about 600 bucks t built one not including the op system.but if you just want the experieced and have the money the its worth every penny

  6. cap-de-monty says:

    Yes and Yes like a pc but smaller

  7. The Happy Murcia says:

    where do you think all the lap tops come from? they are all built…

  8. It is possible to build a laptop yourself. However you’d have to source most of the components needed to build it individually from wholesalers or OEMs who manufacture laptops for other companies, and they normally only deal with orders for several thousand upwards. If you wanted to know whether it is sensible or cost-effective to build a laptop yourself, then the answer is most definitely "no".

    Major manufacturers put a lot of work into their laptop designs making them as light and portable as powerful, and that means custom designed cooling to keep the bulk of the base to a minimum (and ensure it doesn’t fry your legs should you rest it on them) which all goes in a custom designed case, which together with the matching part for the display means you cannot easily mix and match very much.

    You can generally tailor certain components in a given laptop design to your needs, such as the processor (which is usually the most difficult to upgrade later) and sometimes the graphics on high-end laptops (this is very uncommon though). Of course memory and hard-drive size is variable depending on your budget (and both of those are easy to upgrade). That is the closest you will get to building your own laptop- taking an existing model and choosing which CPU, how much memory, and which HD you want them to put in it.

    Forget about any idea of building your own laptop. The closest you can realistically achieve to that is to build a small form-factor desktop PC using a matched case and motherboard from the likes of Shuttle (who are specialists in that area with their XPC range).
    That is the closest you can really get to building a laptop, and it is a long way away as the monitor is still a standard desktop display and the base is still a box (albeit a lot smaller than the usual PC).

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