Is Ipad 2 better than Ipad 3?

Hey . i decided to buy Ipad . The new one which has pixels 4 times than the prev one and has 5 MP cam and HD video and more apps

but some people adviced me to buy Ipad 2 they said it’s faster and it has longer battery life and other things

so you think I should Buy Ipad 2 or 3?

Also 2 is very cheap
also they say that Ipad 3 heats like the laptop while 2 doesn’t


  1. starpc11 says:

    I understand the ipad 3 has a few more feature than the ipad 2 but by popularity and had not much of problems like the ipad 3 wireless and heating up problem , go with the ipad 2 one of the best tablets on the markets besides my samsung tablets

  2. littlekaratekid says:

    I chose my iPad 2 over the iPad 3. The iPad 3 overheats like crazy, some even melt on the inside. If you update to the newest IOS (IOS 6) they are about the same. If you like to FaceTime a lot, or you take pictures a lot, get the iPad 2. It has a better camera.

  3. ScσττRΛSC³ says:

    No… The iPad 3 is obviously the better one of the 2. Don’t know where those people got their info from.

  4. TheAlpaca says:

    I would eat pasta if I were you

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