is Dell Inspiron 1525 T5750 any good?

i need 2 buy a reasonable price laptop does any1 know any good value laptops and where i can buy them from? the Dell Inspiron 1525 T5750 2GB is for £329 which seems alright, but i need help so can you guys help please? thanks x


  1. retroman says:

    My advice is simple stay away from Dell they are like a motor coy to get anything half decent you need to add on this that and the other compare any dell with any other computer and you will see what I mean I’m not a great lover of the Chinese but Acer usually gives good value me I like Toshiba

  2. dell inspiron is a good laptop but i would go with the dell VOSTRO A860. it runs faster, has more memory and RAM space, and it is much cheaper

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