Is acer brand for laptops the best?

For laptops is the brand acer the best or which brands is it that works best on laptops??


  1. The best no, one of the best yes. Like all the big brand names they have their stars and their flops. So you just have to see what is on offer for what ever your budget allows you.

    I have Acers, Samsung and MSi computers and they are all great for what I got them for, but had to spend a fair amount of time doing research before parting with my money.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Ruffies Derp says:

    I think ASUS are the best atm.

  3. Ello Guv says:

    depends what you mean by best…Acer laptops are good if you have a low budget and need something reliable….but fancy they ain’t.

  4. Ford Prefect says:


  5. Morgan Harmony says:

    the laptop im on now is an acer my mum has had it for over 3 years and is still running well occasionally over heats but a fan helps that i use to have a toshiba it fried all its wires i suggest never buy toshiba its shit mine had problems from the start it never ran well at all

  6. dstefanija says:

    I have an acer….its cheaper,but works good…had mine 3 years,works perfectly. The BEST would be Dell,MAC,Apple and so on….but Acer is a less expensive way to go.

  7. Mango Boy says:


  8. ebox1349 says:

    it does depend on what you need the laptop to do, generally Acer’s are not bad at all and these days they are very reliable (though there is always one or two that slip through the Quality Control checks, the same as with any other brands)
    Acer are the 2nd largest producers of PCs and Laptops these days, passing Dell in 2010 for that honour, the largest is still HP.
    I have a 6 year old Acer laptop that has not given me any trouble, my HP has given no end of issues with all sorts of things in the past year, it is currently for sale and I cant wait to get rid of it!
    We sell laptops and almost exclusively deal in Acer’s, we did get Sony but it seemed 1 in 3 we returned with a fault inside of the first year, HP we often did the same, usually a burnt out graphics chip in these so Acer’s are perhaps cheaper, but I think the build quality has improved greatly in the last 3 or 4 years, and with it, reliability.

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