Is A 17.3 Inch Laptop Too Big For College?

Here’s the laptop that I am interested in:…
In college, I plan on studying computer science and new media communications. I also plan on doing some graphic design, video editing, and some gaming. However, I think that this laptop may be a little too heavy. I may get a good workout from it, but I would prefer if my arm is not always sore. What do you think?
BQ: Is this a good laptop?


  1. rafiqelm says:

    I would suggest to go with the 15″ and attach an external screen when needed. The 17″ is heavy and not a portable one comparing with the 15″.
    Since you are going to study media and video. I agree to think in Macbook Pro. It is very professional for the video editing and design work. If you cannot afford the 17″, you can go with the 13″ and attach to it an external screen. Additionally, you can increase it to 16G RAMs, which is great for video production.

  2. Go full or go home, thats my motto, 17.3 would provide a great display, and probably a full sized keyboard, with a numpad. So if I were you I would just get a laptop backpack or a laptop bag with a shoulder strap.

  3. Kong Kang says:

    You should go with the best you can afford, find the best rated laptop that is good for your major size shouldnt matter and 17.5 inches is not huge

  4. I’d go smaller and hook it up with a big screen when need to.
    yes, a good computer. I’d go with Mac book pro 15″.

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