Ipod touch or Laptop?

Which would be better an Ipod Touch or a Laptop?


  1. Briana G says:

    A laptop because u can only do so much with an Ipod , but I can think of a lot of things that u can do with a laptop that u would never be able to do with an ipod an anyways in a few months apple or sony or some other company is going to come out with some other flashy ipod or mp3 player so just wait on the ipod

  2. Titanicly Obsessed says:

    ipod touch and laptop are two completely different things. what do you need it for?

  3. The only really truthful answer to such a vague question is "it depends on what you would use it for".

  4. amanda m says:

    Laptop. thats wat i would prefer. =]

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