ipod touch or laptop hmmmm?

basicly i can get the ipod to do almost anything a laptop can do
but which should i get


  1. ~Shutup!!!~ says:


  2. ♥ live.laugh.love. says:

    laptop =D

  3. ♥Jadee♥ (Lets Go Mountaineers!) says:

    Laptop… Those are my 2 choices for one of my big Christmas presents and I’m going with the laptop. My ipod works perfectly fine, but my computer is kinda old(2005) so I want a new laptop =)

  4. Slappy S says:

    Aparently you can’t spell on either hmmm?

  5. Kuya Boogie says:

    Both are good but I’ll pick laptop..you can print documents in the laptop..and you can still listen to musics. =)

  6. laptop! you can listen to music on there.

  7. Brodeur says:

    Than get the ipod.

  8. Macbook

  9. E-Fizzle says:

    Laptop,because it can do more(I think).Unless you prefer having a portable semi-laptop.Which one would be of more convenience to you?

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