iPhone, or iPod Touch, or Laptop?

For christmas i can either get -
1) iPhone (lowest price 8gb)
2) iPod Touch
3) Laptop

Thankyou for answering :)
And can you give me some links or best offers :) i only want 8GB for the iPods, too much money for the others .
Ok if you couldnt get the laptop iPhone or Ipod Touch?


  1. Bonkers D. Bobcat says:

    Umm the laptop

  2. Haha FAIL!! says:

    If you already have a desktop don’t get a laptop, and don’t mind getting an iphone because its also the same as an ipod touch (yes, at&t sux)

  3. 2 or 3. I’m going to assume you already have a phone so why take the iPhone and be tethered to a phone contract (and the resulting price including contract fees will be MUCH higher) when you can get the iPod touch which is basically an iPhone without the phone (and cheaper). On top of that you can browse the web pretty fast with the iPod touch’s wi-fi connection and you can play games, watch videos and play music on it (entertainment device). So it’s essentially a mini laptop and entertainment device in one. Depending on your phone model and if you have a mobile internet plan for it you can even rig the whole thing up so your iPod accesses the internet via your phone (make sure you have an unlimited plan for that or the fees can really add up) so you have access all the time.

    So if you already have a pc at home and don’t need a portable device for work/school, go for the iPod Touch. Otherwise, the laptop.

  4. which is the most expensive and difficult to buy it yourself.
    ok ,I think you will get the answer: ALL :P

  5. between iphone or laptop …if you can get a mac laptop get that ! def. worth it …hard choice tho can always get the iphone later you know not too expensive

  6. illusionado says:

    lap top darling =)

    for sure ur in USA and u dont need a phone for calling and texting coz u have already a phone.

  7. TWINKLEZ says:


  8. 3

  9. marquise says:

    ill go with the laptop

  10. Laptop.

    If I couldn’t get the laptop then I would get the iPhone.

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