Ipad vs laptop which is better?

What’s your opinion of the Ipad? Is it worth the money?
Is a laptop better? What’s the difference? If a laptop is better, what kind?


  1. Keyboard2009 says:

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  2. Laptop, Your not restricted with flash player, you can install a wide range of software ect.

    An ipad is ideal when you already have a desktop computer at home and just want something small to mess around with on the go to watch youtube, take notes and use the gps and get directions to places. I do not recommend an ipad in place of a computer. ever.

    An ipad is not an ideal art medium either. If you are a serious artist the get a tablet laptop with pressure sensitivity and a stylus.

  3. Well, do you have a computer? You need one for the iPad to sync off of, well not NEED, but to back it up yes.

    The iPad does all the same things. Just, better, except DVDs. You can get movies from YouTube/iTunes, so that doesn’t matter.
    If you are getting an iPad, wait till the Generation Two comes out, (in about 9 months), so all the bugs are worked out, with new features.

    For a laptop, get a dell! They are the best, or a MacBook!

  4. A laptop is better. An iPad is nothing more than an iPod Touch with a thyroid condition. A laptop is much more useful.

    Asus, Toshiba, and Sony Vaio have been the most reliable laptops for the last couple of years. Avoid HP/Compaq, Gateway, and Acer. Bad juju. See below:


  5. Ipad Cause its Small And better

  6. Laptop way sturdier

  7. I’d have to say laptop beats iPad.

    A laptop has a (technically) unlimited number of programs that you can put on it, and you can get laptops these days smaller than an iPad. The iPad, however, only has a limited number of apps that you can load onto it, and this number is defined by Apple.
    A laptop can have anywhere (realistically) up to 2TB (2,000 GB) capacity, where as the iPad’s largest version is merely 64GB.
    Not only that, but an iPad is basically a larger, glorified and more expensive version of the iPod Touch or iPhone.

    If you want a laptop or an iPad just to browse the web and not do much more, then the iPad is for you. However, if you want to use word-processing software, or have something you can upgrade rather than replace, as technology improves, then you will want a laptop.

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