ipad or ipad2 how are they different?

what are the noticeable changes in the ipad and the ipad 2 is it worth paying 0 more for the ipad 2?


  1. Sheron Soccorsi says:

    Lucky for me I found an area apple had an overstock regarding ipad’s so are giving a bunch out! I in fact obtained mine a few days previously within the mail!!!

  2. Pros for the new ipad:
    - faster dual core processor and graphics
    - Back and front Cameras
    - 33% thinner. 80 grams lighter
    - HDMI output

    If one of the above matters for you, than it might worth $100. At least, this is what Apple wants its customers to think…

    You can find how fast ipad 2 graphics here:

  3. Difference Between Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2:
    (1) iPad 2 comes up with higher performance processor and RAM. New A5 processor’s clock speed is twice as faster than A4 and 9 times better on graphics while the power consumption remains same.

    (2) iPad 2 is equipped with 2 cameras one in front and other in rear.

    (3) iPad 2 come with new Apple iOS 4.3 which has some feature improvement and better browser performance.

    (4) iPad 2 is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than iPad.

    (6) iPad 2 gives an extremely good multi media experience.

    (7) iOS 4.3 introduce two applications, enhanced iMovie and GarageBand. And mail client specially for gmail

    (8) iPad 2 support Bluetooth tethering while iPad does not.

    More info: http://www.ipadsoftdownload.com/news/difference-between-apple-ipad-and-vs-apple-ipad-2.html

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