IPad or IPad 2!? 10 POINTS!?

This question gets asked a million times probably but its my turn(:
Okay so my mom said I could pick 1 gift and i really want the IPad 2.
But its 0 right now. the 1st one is available for 0.
The IPad 2 though has a camera and will eventually have more apps available!

Please help me decide on the iPad or IPad2
Oh and I already have an IPod touch. I know the Ipad is just a GIANT ipod but I really want one!


  1. iPad 2 is definitely better than the original iPad, iPad 2 has two cameras (not great though), slimmer, faster processor, five times faster performance, 7 times faster graphics performance and it is a mistake to think it is a giant iPod, iPad supports features and apps than offer a better experience than the iPod Touch, however if you are looking to save money then there is only one solution.

  2. Randome Person says:

    The Ipod 2 as long as your mom has the money. If she doesn’t then see about having several family members going in on it.

  3. PoohBearPenguin says:

    The difference between the iPad and iPad 2 is the iPad 2 is a bit thinner, a bit lighter, and has a slightly more powerful processor…which I don’t think makes much of a difference since there are no apps that will only run on the iPad2 but not the iPad1.

    The only other thing to watch out for is if the iPad is refurbished. This means it was sold to someone then returned. It can’t be sold as new (even if it was never opened) so it’s sold as refurbished. There’s nothing wrong with a refurbished unit, but they often don’t come with the same warranty as a "new" one. Normally, electronic devices either blow up within the first month or they’re just fine, so if you’re OK with the shorter warranty, go with the iPad.

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