iPad Mini vs. iPad with Retina display?

Apple has just come out with two new iPads, and I am looking to purchase one of them. Just a bit of background, I edit photos a lot on my iOS devices, and would need the memory, yet also a solid processor.
Basically, I am looking at the 32GB iPad Mini (9.99), or the 16GB iPad with Retina (9.99 on Black Friday) in terms of price.
What would you put your money towards? is the loss in space worth the iPad with Retina?
Please Help. Will choose Best Answer!


  1. Me LoveZ u so MucH says:

    I originally decided to go with that. I mean, to get the 32gb iPad Mini instead so that I can have much more space. To my surprise, they no longer offer the 32gb version. Only 16gb is available now (Smart marketing strategy). Just go with the retina! (:

  2. - MΘΘ™ says:

    Get the retina iPad. The iPad mini is really pointless and is basically a smaller version of the iPad 2. It’s display looks awful, especially when you’re used to the high resolutions of the iPhone and other apple products.

  3. get ipad mini, you will be up to date with software and the new lightning connector, it light, and just as efficient as the ipad w/ retina, only just a smaller display, if you dont mind a smaller display which still has amazing graphics then get ipad mini.

  4. The iPad mini.

    The Retina display doesn’t differ a whole lot with the brand new iPad mini.
    The iPad mini costs less.
    It has more storage.
    It’s newer.
    It has two speakers.
    It has the same LED backlit display as the iPad.
    Same apps availible.
    More portable; easier to fit into a bag.
    It’s awesome.

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