IPad Mini vs iPad 1st Generation?

I’m hoping the iPad mini is 0, but if its 0 I can get a 16 GB ipad 1 from gamestop for 0. What one is the better deal and what one would you prefer (I know the ipad mini hasn’t been released yet.


  1. Anne Anne says:

    of course, the ipad mini, it means the end for the iPad. It has many advantages over ipad 2 , let alone ipad 1. iPad 2 can only use it’s internal storage,can’t external TFT card,when it connect to PC,it need a iTunes software to transport data,if not,data can’t be transport also synchronous images,video and music,which really makes much inconvenience to our customers.

  2. I’m sorry, I’m unable to answer this question, I only have the old iPad 2, and never heard of the iPad mini. I couldn’t help but notice your picture, and thought you might be able to answer my NFL question :)

  3. Ipad mini. Even if it is 300 it will have better graphics and a faster processor than the Ipad 1.

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